Rock The Party With Best Labor Day Design Templates

Labor Day is a holiday that people celebrate all over the world. For decades, working people had 12-16 hour shifts, which greatly exhausted them. To end this appeal by employers and establish a labor code, people rioted in factories and took to the streets to speak up and be heard. Due to this, the authorities created an 8-hour working day. The main concept is that a person can also devote 8 hours to recovery and the same amount for good rest. And today, the whole world celebrates the moment when workers protected their rights. Let’s honor those who make the world better with their hard everyday work and celebrate this date with the best labor day design assets! 

This event made a huge impact on modern culture. There are movies, songs, paintings devoted to this historical episode, and digital graphic art is not an exception. Each template has a unique concept that depicts the main statements of the holiday. Designers made their best and combined trendy color schemes with Labor Day symbols and attributes. Let’s take a closer look at the details you should include in your developments to depict a thematic celebration’s overall mood. 

Labor Day Design – Symbols & Attributes

There are a few details that you may apply to your layouts to make them topical. 

Raised Hand

It is the main symbol of Labor Day. You can depict a raised hand with a clenched fist. Also, various tools will complement the image – it may hold a hammer, sledgehammer, pickaxe, or any other industrial tool.


Of course, it’s hard to imagine a dedicated design to working people without these attributes. Traditionally, heavy industry elements involuntarily wind up associations with factories and mines where employees work in their brow sweat. Also, such components include helmets, gears, canisters – everything related to industry and production. Details such as glasses, briefcases, ties, and pens also appear in modern interpretations.

Red and Blue Colors

Of course, these colors are traditional because the holiday originates from several sources. The Soviet Union used red as a symbol of communism, so we can still observe such variations on post-Soviet space posters. On the other hand, people connect it with the US flag’s colors – red, blue, and white.

Who Can Use Labor Day Design

Anyone may benefit from these layouts, as they are well-structured, stylish, and easy-to-use. They are a perfect match to create party invitations, announcements, corporate flyers, brochures, and special offer banners. All the assets are print-ready, so they are suitable for both physical and digital use. Thus, they are an ideal option for:

  • ads makers;
  • designers;
  • website masters;
  • social projects managers;
  • business owners;
  • corporate brand creators;
  • party organizers.

Top 15 Labor Day Design Templates

Colorful Banners


This design is universal, and by buying such a pack, you have an option to use it many times for different projects. It is ideal for creating cards, banners, stickers, posters for Labor Day because it has all the must-have attributes, decorated with a holiday bright color palette.

Industrial Vivid Flyer

This flyer design looks lively and vibrant, featuring a classic color palette. It’s print-ready and easy to edit, so you can use it for your invitations, posters, and promotions, replacing the content with yours in a few clicks.

Corporate Poster

Another great option that will serve you as an irreplaceable basis for creating a poster. It is bright, eye-catching, and the stylish font will not leave anyone indifferent. With this asset, you get several different formats, so edit it the way you like.

Advertising Flyer

To run a successful ad campaign, you need good graphics that will hook your client at a glance. With the vibrant colors and stylish details of this template, it’ll be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Place your information in place of the demo content, and your perfect flyer is ready.

Party Banner

Labor Day parties have traditionally been celebrated on a grand scale. And this is true – whoever knows how to work, as a rule, knows how to have a rest! Organize a corporate party at your company or simply invite your friends for a picnic by sending them such a stylish invitation.

Social Media Banner Design

In modern realities, people spend a lot of time on social networks. Therefore, it has become a great place for advertising campaigns because it is a great opportunity to get a large audience. With these templates, you will have five banners of different sizes, which you can customize to fit your needs with a few mouse clicks.

USA Labor Day Sale Flyer Design

Hosting a special themed sale? This design is what will boost your profit! The bright red color will grab attention, and the well-placed blocks will tell you about your special offers more eloquently than any speaker. Thanks to the good structure of the source files, you can easily place the necessary contact information so that your client finds you effortlessly.

Blue and Yellow Social Banner

This asset has a classic style that looks original. It is ideal for organizing student parties, corporate events, and promotions for your stores. It’s catchy, so your specials won’t pass by, and people will take the opportunity to celebrate with your company!

Labor Day 3D Banner Background

It’s another stunning option to use in your ad campaign. Due to the transparent background, you get an easy solution for the item’s promotion. Just place the product, type your brand name and working hours info – and you are ready to go!

Catchy Social Media Banner

This template has everything you need to create a cool corporate design. It has symbols of the holiday, which are beautifully framed with 3D fonts, bright colors. A cute ribbon serves as a good accent to draw the client’s attention to the most important information.

Cartoonish Poster

This option is great for making creative flyers. For example, it looks great as an announcement of the shopping center’s festive program, with children’s parties and a schedule of performances. Also, you can use it for invitations to school trade fairs, festivals, and more.

Retro Poster

Retro style is in trend; therefore, such a design solution will appeal to connoisseurs of beauty. Here you place your shares, add information about the company. Thanks to the source files’ good structure, you can easily edit the template to suit your needs.

American Labor Day Advertising Poster

By purchasing this template, you get four different formats in the package. Therefore, you can choose exactly the one in which you are used to working. The vibrant color palette will catch potential customers’ eyes and help you implement your products quickly and efficiently.

Black and Red Retro Layout

On this poster, the author symbolically depicted a hand with a wrench, one of the main attributes of this holiday. Stylish range of colors, old-school-style look spectacular, bright, therefore this option is excellent for concert and entertainment events.

US Labor Day Design

Minimalism is always relevant, and it looks especially exquisite in combination with vintage elements. The sleek font and industrial background make this template unique, stylish, and eye-catching. Feel free to experiment with content, content, and concept – there are no limits to your imagination!

Let’s Sum Up 

Labor Day is a holiday that we should celebrate and appreciate, as it allows us to work, grow and relax without overloading. We learn to manage our time, devote ourselves to jobs, hobbies, and family, and get paid fairly for our skills and knowledge. With these Labor Day designs, you can make a thematic party invitation, posters, greeting cards, banners and make specials to grow your business. Download, edit and use these carefully crafted designs in just a few clicks!

Labor Day Design FAQ

How can I edit the Labor Day design?

The editing of such graphic assets is fast and straightforward. You get four source file formats: PDF, PSD, EPS, AI. All of them are editable with Adobe software’s help – you will find the exact program version and name in the documentation file. You can follow our PSD tutorials to learn more or contact the support department for assistance. If you aim to save your time on editing, consider hiring our designer.

Can I use the Labor Day design for my projects?

Of course! You can use any template for your clients, but you should pay attention to the license type you buy. 

What licenses are available for buying the Labor Day design?

There are three licenses for this type of graphics:
Personal. Use this graphics item for building personal use end products that won’t be distributed in any way.
Commercial. Create unlimited digital and physical end products for sale.
Corporate Identity Buyout. You are the last buyer/licensee of the template. It’s non-exclusive, non-transferable permission to use the template multiple times.

How to download the Labor Day design for free?

You have an option to download a design for free in several ways:
TemplateMonster free templates library. Share the design you like from our collection on the social network. After that, the download button becomes available, and you get your layout instantly.
MonsterONE. With this subscription, you can download as many graphics as you want under the commercial license – use them for several projects at no extra charge. The Creative or All-in-One plans are the suitable ones to get unlimited access. 

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